In the crucial first days of a school term, an orderly exit procedure is top priority. Give yourself extra time to start your dismissal procedure at the beginning of the term because timing is crucial. Even with practice of the procedures for leaving the class earlier in the day, students may feel an urgency to ‘break out of the classroom’ and run for their bus or ride home. You may have to call them back and have them practice it again a few times, so give yourself a bit of extra time.

If you have to hold your class from leaving on time, you may cause a nuisance to others. Buses are scheduled, parents arrive to pick up their children, and the administration will always be concerned that the end-of-the-day goes smoothly and safely. Hundreds of children rushing through the halls can be dangerous! Ensure that your students know how to proceed safely and calmly out of the classroom and back out to the ‘real world.’

Give them a reason to smile at the end of the day – a silly joke, a mention of some exciting upcoming event, a treat or celebration of some small success are just some of things you can do to lighten up the last moments. Wouldn’t you prefer to see smiles on their faces as they leave with an eagerness to return the next day? A clear closing procedure can help.

Offering words of encouragement or inspiration, and an expression of thanks for their hard

work in class are also nice ways to end the day – on the first day and every day.



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