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teacher teaching students about geography using a globe
Teacher Tips

What Should New Teachers Not Do?

New teachers, avoid overcommitting, reinventing everything, neglecting self-care, and comparison. Succeed in your first year and impact students positively.

woman reading a book to the children
Teacher Tips

What Do I Need for My First Year of Teaching?

Build connections with colleagues, equip your classroom, prioritize self-care, and embrace a growth mindset to thrive in your first year of teaching.

photo of woman teaching
Teacher Tips

The Most Common Concern for New Teachers

New teachers face challenges in classroom management but can find support through mentoring programs and workshops to create effective learning environments.

Teacher RockStar Academy™

The New Teacher's Blueprint To Succeeding In The Classroom

Teacher RockStar Academy™ is an essential course for new teachers, student teachers, and teachers re-entering the classroom. It delivers research-based, classroom-tested best practices on the many responsibilities and challenges of teaching.