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Teacher RockStar Academy™ is an essential course for new teachers, student teachers, and teachers re-entering the classroom. It delivers research-based, classroom-tested best practices on the many responsibilities and challenges of teaching.

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Teacher Tips
Steve Hiles

The Importance of Routines in the Classroom

Give your students something to look forward to and the discipline to follow through. Morning routines help get the day started out right. Students ease into projects because they’ve had

Teacher Tips
Steve Hiles

Reestablishing Classroom Rules

The notion that establishing classroom rules once during the school year is hardly realistic. Through the years, I have found it helpful–even necessary to reteach, model and rehearse the “Class

Brain Training
Steve Hiles

Brain-Based Research: (Part 3)

Music for Math I have used Mighty Math Songs by Ron Brown — available from the Intelli-Tunes website and I learned about them from a math workshop I took