Productivity Hacks That Your Students Can Learn and Use to Gain More Time

As an educator, you know how challenging some lessons and projects are for your students. Given the short amount of time you have to teach them, you must ensure that your class understands what is being asked of them to do and that they can complete their assignments in the time allotted in or outside of class.

Timesaving shortcuts and hacks allow students to make the most of everything they’ve learned without interfering with their next project or obligations outside of school. By focusing on efficiency, you’re able to help them accomplish more in less time. The following tips can be used to help your students get things done fast.

Here are some productivity hacks that your students can learn and use to gain more time:

  • Rather than tackle the hardest task first, tackle the easiest. If it takes students two minutes or less to do, it should be the priority. Once the small tasks are out of the way, they can focus their energy on the more time-consuming task knowing they’ve already crossed several things off their To Do lists.
  • Commit OHIO to memory. Reiterate the phrase, “Only Handle It Once.” This applies to emails, instructions, and putting things away in the classroom. If students become mindful about this concept, they won’t get stuck revisiting the same tasks twice.
  • Stop multi-tasking. Focus on a single task and complete it before moving on to another. It prevents students from becoming confused and doing a task or project wrong.

Instead of rushing to get things done and miss the point of the lesson entirely, your students can maximize the time spent in the classroom by using hacks to increase productivity. They’ll retain more of what they’ve learned because they’re less focused on the outcome of the problems they’re solving or the processes they’re going through



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