Mind Bogglers are very tricky questions that are as fun as they seem stupid. For example, take this old mind boggler, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Many years ago, people were trying to explore this mind boggler, till date millions are still trying to do so. Yet, the truth seems obvious enough. God created all things, and that must mean that the chicken was created first before it could lay an egg.

These are more mind bogglers for you

a) The average American drinks around 500 gallons of water yearly.

b) The average American makes over 50,000 phone calls yearly.

c) The average American spends 10,000 hours in from of the TV each year.

d) None of the above.

e) All of the above.

f) A

g) B

h) C

Here’s the answer

If we calculated the average time people spent creating foolish multiple questions and tests, we’d be here searching for answers to the above question all day.

Not all puzzles and Brain Games generally are designed to have answers. Some could actually be stupid. Yet, they could still help you develop your skills. It’s all about challenging your mind while having fun. It opens your mind to explore opportunities. Rather than allow your brain focus on either the right or the left part, brain games inspires you to comb every part of your brains trying to solve a mystery. You get to make use of your parent side, your creative side, your rebellious side, your child side and so on.

How Mind Bogglers Work

Mind Bogglers could be baffling at times. It could erupt a feeling of astonishment and confusion. Hence, some people shy away from mind bogglers for fear of getting stuck on a question. They feel threatened by trival mistakes. Yet, these forms of brain games are very helpful to the brain, keeping it active and keeping it in charge of the body and our activities. It just makes you think.

For example:

How many men were enlisted in the Air Force at the start of WW1?

This sort of question will make your mind wander back to WW1, attempting to explore the answer.

You may have known the answer while in high school or college, but this question will take you back to that period, helping to wake up certain parts of your brain as you explore.

50 men were enlisted in the Air Force at the start of WW1.

1831, a man was barred from the West Point for appearing naked at the match. What is his name?

To answer the question, you must again let your mind wander back and explore. The answer, however is Edgar Alan Poe, the famous novelist. He appeared at the match at West Point naked in 1831 and was subsequently court martialled and kicked out.

Here’s another good one:

A mother had five children, named Rascal, Peck, Lime and Carry. What’s the fifth child’s name?

I’m still trying to find out the answer to this one though. You’re welcome to join me. This is one of those mind bogglers that can make you feel utterly stupid, or make you feel like the answer is not something you can ever get to figure out. But that’s not even the point. The point of these mind bogglers is in the effort you put in trying to find the answers. Looking at all the angles trying to find solutions is a healthy exercise for your brain and you should do it often to keep your brain active.

Go on the internet and find some more mind boggling puzzles, riddles and quizzes. Whether they are fun or tacky or too difficult, gather them and cultivate the habit of trying to solve them in your free time.



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