How to Prepare Your Classroom in the Event of Your Absence

Give your emergency substitute the tools and resources needed to teach class skillfully.

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. That’s why it’s important to be prepared by having emergency sub plans available in the event of your absence. Doing so ensures that your class receives the instruction they need to complete class projects with ease. They won’t be left in the dark because you’re away for a day or two.

In addition to purchasing files, including Emergency Sub Plans for Middle School Teachers, you can do the following things to prepare for emergency absences successfully.

Create a sub binder that can be added to throughout the year

Divide the content into sections based on subject and theme. Use a table of contents to explain where to look for specific lesson plans. You can also include information that is pertinent to your classroom as a day-at-a-glance page. Letting the sub know the typical routine your students go through in a given day helps things go much smoother when you’re away.

Provide activities that are familiar but can be varied

That way, the substitute teacher doesn’t spend a great deal of time explaining how an activity is done. They can teach the lesson and then give your students the opportunity to work together to come up with a solution to a problem or design a project that focuses on each member of the group’s strengths. These lessons are best utilized when you’re gone for an extended amount of time due to an emergency.

The ideas listed above help you get through an unexpected absence easily. By taking time to prepare in advance for an emergency, you’ll always be ready in the event one occurs. You won’t be stuck scrambling for content for your sub to teach.

Help your emergency substitute get through the day with greater ease. An emergency situation calls for quick thinking. Having emergency sub plans bundled and available is one way to think ahead.



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