How to Improve Memory with Brain Games

These small brain ‘games’ of recalling what we have done throughout the day, the people we met during the day and their names is a very effective way to strengthen memory power. Although these steps require practice, the results, if taken seriously, works just fine. They get imprinted in our memories through a process of continuous practice.

Following this on a regular schedule will help solve memory loss and forgetfulness. Being alert will help you to ‘think’ and work in a logical manner. Also, remember to be confident about yourself; this will help you approach your problems in a more simplistic manner. Practice these small steps for a complex free living, appreciate, and celebrate the joy of living life.

To improve your memory, you have many options, yet Brain Games give you faster results in some instances. To help you gain from Brain Games and learn how to use the puzzles to improve your memory, we can consider word-by-association puzzles.

Word-Solving Association: unravel — resolve — crack — answer — explain — get to the bottom of — decipher — work out — disentangle — elucidate — determine — resolution — settle — decide — tenacity — fright -alarm — worry — dread — calm — self-control

Notice each word in the series, then think of new ways of associating each word with so that it relates to solving problems. Practice these steps each day to improve your memory and build your vocabulary. Practice will improve your memory in more ways than you can imagine. Crossword puzzles are fun experiences that prompt the mind to think too.



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