Get Started on the Right Foot

The emphasis of this book is on the critical first days of school. Although the tips and strategies presented in my book can be used throughout the entire school year. I have compiled strategies that I feel will make the job of the elementary school teacher easier and much more bearable — particularly for those teachers new to the profession.

Most of this book is geared for the elementary school setting and the new teacher facing their first time ‘flying solo.’ The veteran teacher moving to a new school or wishing to refresh their approach to a new term can also apply still many of the concepts, tips and tricks. The strategies presented here could also be applied equally well to middle an high school environments.

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Steve Hiles

I am a retired military and elementary school teacher living in Tennessee. I am an avid reader and love to write. I am very passionate about helping teachers. I hope you find my educational tips and strategies useful and enjoy hearing about my personal journey. Thanks for visiting!

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