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Divide the class into groups of 3 students. Give each group a piece of paper and ask them to fold it into four equal parts, creating an “M” shape (ie. an accordion fold).

For example:

The group will be working together to draw a creature; one student will draw the head, another will draw the body, and the third student will draw the tail. The group should begin the drawing with the paper folded (with the folded edge on the right). The first student will draw the head (without showing it to his/her partners) then pass the folded paper to the second student. The second student, without looking at the head drawn by the first student, will draw the body then pass the folded paper to the third student. The third student, without looking at the head or body, will draw the tail. When the drawings are complete, unfold the paper and look at the crazy creature created by each group!

Relay race

Divide the class into teams of 4 students. Each team will work together to complete a relay of four activities. Have each team stand in a line on one side of the classroom/gymnasium. One student from each group will complete an action traveling to the other side of the room and back, then tag the hand of the next student who will complete his/her action. When a student is finished with his/her leg of the race, he/she should sit down. Which team can complete the race first?

Suggestions for activities for each leg of the race:

  • carry an egg on a spoon
  • bounce on a bouncy ball hop on one foot
  • crab walk bunny hop

Going to the beach…

Have the class sit in a circle and say the sentence: Sally is going to the beach and will bring an apple. The students need to figure out what else Sally will bring to the beach. Sally only brings items with double letters, but don’t reveal the pattern to the students; they need to figure it out for themselves! Have students guess what else she brings and say yes or no.

For example:

Someone says, “Sally will bring a magazine.”
You can say, “Nope, but she will bring a book!



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