Brain Games pop in many forms. The puzzles invented to get you to open your mind to proposition. To assist you with understanding Brain Games we can review a few types of mind busters to see how well you do. In the chapter, you will have resolves, but we encourage you to avoid snooping. Rather, try to reveal the puzzle on your own.

Rather than using the right or the socialist side of the encephalon, the Brain Games use tactics to inspire both sides of the medulla oblongata. A person can enjoy Brain Games most times, but some mortals feel frustrated, since the puzzles pose problems. Since many humans want to shun complications, consequently Brain Games give you confidence to face the problems head on and to search at all areas of the problem so that you can find ways to analyze it.

You have several types of Brain Games available. Online are web sites that offer free puzzles, including mind busters, number puzzles, Cryptography, riddles, trivia, and many other type of Brain Games that will assist you with improving your memory, skills, and problem-solving skills.

Brain Games present a numbering system, regardless of the type of puzzle. Keeping this in mind will help you solve most puzzles easier. We will view some examples to help you see the numbering system within some puzzles.

Sometimes the numbers do not relate to the letters, or so it seems since you have to substitute numbers with letters to create a problem. We are going to give you a few letters. This is a common puzzle. Usually, I create my own Brain Games, but today we are going to focus on something familiar to you. If the puzzle is not familiar, don’t worry about it, rather focus on the lettering, and try to turn the puzzle into a multiplication.

With this type of puzzle, you will substitute the letters for numbers.


"E B G D A H C F"
"E E E E E E E E E"


"111, 111, 111"

The point of this puzzle is if you continue multiplying after substituting the letters as numbers, you will reach stalemate, since this multiplication will continue. Don’t waste your time, unless

you want to attempt to find a multiplication that comes to a stopping point.



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