Brain Games for Future Planning

Look at our world today. We are on the verge of entering an era where artificial intelligence will be the king. In this new era, the human brain is largely expected to take a rest while computers and machines run our world.

Engaging in Brain Games consistently will be key to keeping the brain healthy while the machines work. The earlier we begin, the better for us. Brain Games will help us prepare for that time.

As early as 2000, technological inventions had matured to the point where series of robotic intervention had been used in several fields to make work easier, faster and less risky for humans. As a matter of fact, from the first day computers took off the ground, technology has worked to ensure that we get to that point.

In the new world, machines would replace workers, robots would act as servants to man and we will be responsible for controlling them and their activities. Brian Games will help us prepare for all these eventualities.

Popular Brain Games (for adults) include the latest Gray Labyrinth. Their puzzles are beautifully illustrated, offering you a smooth collection of paradoxes, riddles and so on. You have trivia questions and other exciting, entertaining and educational features. You can choose to play the puzzles on your computer, or print them out and play offline, if you want.

Another popular Brain Game is Puzzability. This game bends the mind into thinking through problems. Memory Page employs a series of strategies to make you remember verses, lists, or passages at length. Tutorials are included and you can build up your brain’s memory and retention capabilities. The Super Memo World Of Puzzles takes you through learning phases to improve your memory. The Big Doctor Memory game is an online course you can take to help improve your memory. Zine is also another game that focuses on helping the user improve memory.

Some pseudo numerology puzzles combine stories effectively with words to enforce memory. These type of puzzle shows you how to convert words into actual numerical formulas.

There’s also the National League which includes word puzzles, games and so on. Mental Calc and Memory World Record is a computing puzzle that challenges the memory and trains the mind to recall things effectively. Riddles also make for effective brain games.



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